Keeping children safe wherever they are!

Working with children on four key aspects – awareness, prevention, reporting and responding, we create strong vigilance systems which are supportive, respectful and trustworthy - during this reporting period, the focus was to foster greater trust amongst all stakeholders in raising concerns as soon as accurately possible. The thrust of the First Information Report (FIR) training was on Child Sexual Abuse CSA and preventing measures.
Similarly bolstering our commitment, we expanded the knowledge to vulnerable communities. Children can demonstrate remarkable resilience amid adversity, navigate complex environments and engage in self-protection, if they are oriented and supported for it. In four locations, a series of consultations with different stakeholders, both external and internal, were held to map various issues pertaining to child safeguarding. An orientation of child safeguarding was conducted subsequently – a total of 228 training and awareness sessions were held in which 5021 caregivers and 5965 children participated. Currently, child safeguarding strategy is being developed, which will be rolled out next year across all locations.
  1. We create a safe environment for children in all our programmes.
  2. We do not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards children, whether intentional or inadvertent, anywhere in our sphere of influence.
  3. We promote child protection in the communities where we work.