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Why Partner With Us?


We have been on our mission for nearly 70 years now. We have the legacy of a proven model that has helped four generations of once-parentless and abandoned children lead constructive lives. They have an identity, a family to call their own and most importantly, a life that inspires others to pursue their dreams. We are present in more than 133 countries with over 500 Children’s Villages and 400 SOS Youth Facilities globally.


We bring credibility to the table.

We are the first child care NGO to get a CRISIL rating (VO 1A) for ‘strong delivery capability and high financial proficiency.’
SOS India has been awarded the Credibility Alliance Certificate for adhering to norms prescribed for good governance of voluntary organisation. It is one of the highest forms of rating awarded for a period of five years.
We are the first ever NGO to be invited and to win in the Business Superbrands circle. Over 1,100 brands were screened and rated through an exhaustive process to shortlist 33 winners and SOS India was among them.


We are the only self-implementing NGO working at the national level with children in 22 states. We are privileged to be part of the world’s largest child care movement.


We have never let our focus waver.

Everything that we do at SOS India revolves around the welfare of children. We never spread our efforts thin across causes and it has indeed helped us in our mission. We ensure that every child in our Children’s Village completes schooling. We have not had a single child dropping out of school.
Our children excel in all walks of life. They have won medals at the Special Olympics and have even been selected for the prestigious President’s Award for Bharat Scouts & Guides.

They are our pride – each of them has grown up to be a good human being and a good citizen. Need we say more?


It is in our DNA to strive for high efficiency, better cost control, quality and effectiveness.


All donations made to SOS Children’s Villages of India get 50% tax benefit under Section 80G.


We believe in complete transparency.

We have been certified by TRACE, world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organisation. It demonstrates our commitment to commercial transparency.
We have been certified by Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd. (D&B India) in June 2015, including the organisation’s name in their Global Database. D&B considers management competence, performance of industry, operational performance as well as financial and non-financial trends before giving its opinion on a business entity.


Our model is innovative.

We believe that no child should grow up alone. Our Family Like Care (FLC) Programme provides children, in need of care and attention, a home-like environment where they grow up among brothers and sisters, nurtured by a loving mother.
We reach out to children at risk of falling out of the safety net of familial care and protection through our Family Strengthening Programme (FSP). We empower the caregivers, especially women, by helping them enhance their income while simultaneously providing health and educational support to their children.
In 2016, we launched the Kinship Care programme for children who have lost parental care but are cared for by their extended families under difficult circumstances.

Corporate Digest

Over 26,000 children, 600 SOS Mothers and Aunts, 440 Family Homes in 32 Villages spread across India. Our journey in started in 1964 when we set up our first SOS Children’s Village in India. Had it not been for the support and generosity of patrons like you, our journey may not have been possible at all.

To sustain our current level of work and manage the over 7000 children who currently live in our Children’s Villages across India, we are in need of support. Not a one-time donation, but a sustained support. A lot of ground still remains uncovered. India has 20 million children without adequate parental care. We need your help at each and every step. Together we can ensure that no child grows up alone.

First One

Family Home Sponsor:

Each SOS Children’s Village has about 10 Family Homes. You can meet the expenses of one or more Family Homes which includes children’s education, nutrition and medical expenses - INR 15,12,000 per Family Home, per annum.

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Corporate Educational Partner:

Sponsor the education of children for one year or more - INR 10,80,000 for 50 children per annum and INR 21,60,000 for 100 children per annum.

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Family Strengthening Programme:

A community based programme to support under-privileged children who are at risk of losing parental care and basic amenities of education and health - INR 10,08,000 for a cluster of 100 children and caregivers.

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Capital Asset:

You can support funding of the establishment of Youth Hostel, Learning Centre, Retired Mother’s Home, or fulfil similar needs - INR 50 lacs-1.5 crore approximately for funding depending on the nature of the project.

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SOS Children’s Village:

You can help us meet the running expenses of an SOS Children’s Village - INR 1 to 3 crores approximately per annum.

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Pay Roll Giving:

A small portion from the monthly salary of willing employees is donated to SOS with or without matching grant from the company.

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An existing or new event where SOS India is the charity partner.

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In kind donations, branding and awareness tie-ups and other innovative platforms.



With a purpose to help people love where they live, we at Lowe's strongly believe that social responsibility is a foundational characteristic of our culture. It defines who we are and helps us live our value to 'make a difference in somebody's day every day.' As a home improvement company, a home is at the centre of everything that we do as a business. Our association with SOS Children's Villages of India aligns completely to our vision and core as a company.




At SPAR, we strongly believe in adding value to our community and positively impacting the lives of people around us. In the spirit of Christmas, we are delighted to partner with SOS India to help fulfil the Christmas wishes of these children. Our customers will also get the opportunity to give back to the community and be a part of these children's lives.

Prachur Sah

Managing Director & CEO

Indus Towers Limited

Corporate Social Responsibility is core to Indus Towers’ business of transforming lives through sustainable digital infrastructure and services. Through its flagship program Saksham, Indus Towers supports Project Nurture in association with SOS Children’s Village to positively impact 530 abandoned and parentless children along with their dedicated SOS mothers across India. By nurturing and supporting these children, Indus Towers aims to support them to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to the society.


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