Cause Related Marketing

Under Cause Related Marketing (CRM) a company can donate proceeds or a fixed percentage from the sale of one or more of its products, including new brands launched, to SOS India. This also includes retail tie-ups where customers the cause via the company’s outlets

What is in it for You

In an age where transparency is vital to their bottom line, businesses are realising that consumers are concerned with their impact on society. Consumers expect brands to be socially responsible.

As new generations bring in new values, businesses must learn to pivot their strategies in order to keep up. Businesses that care about sustainability and ethics are at the top of consumers’ lists, and cause marketing can help bring a business’s social responsibility to their customers’ attention. This association can help you in:

  • Fulfilling the demand for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Improving corporate image
  • Building a relationship with the community
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Boosting employee morale
  • Standing out from the competition

How can you help us

Strategising with us as your nonprofit partner can help ensure both of us will get the most out of the partnership

  • Donate a percentage share in your profits one time/in particular frequency towards the cause
  • Dedicate a product / line to the cause and support.
  • Do a campaign with your customers to seek support for the cause
  • Tag each other in social media posts.
  • Announce your affiliation in a newsletter.
  • Send a joint press release to news outlets.
  • Write blog posts about the experience.

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