Family Like Care (FLC)

Family Like Care (FLC)

It is a curative programme that reaches out to over 6,500 once parentless and abandoned children in 32 locations across India, giving them a second chance at growing up within a loving family.

Family Strengthening Programme

Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)

It is a preventive community intervention programme, designed to prevent children from losing parental care. It has under its care over 17,000 beneficiaries across 32 locations in India.

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This is indeed a very thoughtful initiative by Panerai and it was my pleasure to have been a part of this beautiful sporting event. Childcare is an extremely important aspect of a country’s development and I congratulate SOS Children's Villages of India on the great work that they have been doing to support the children. I look forward to more noble cause driven partnerships with Panerai in the future.

M. S. Dhoni
Christian Bale


I have been a long-time supporter of SOS Children’s Villages. It is a wonderful organisation and I support their work. My family and I are actually starting an SOS Village in Los Angeles. It is a wonderful thing, keeping siblings together. It has professionally trained foster parents and great stability for the children. It has made my trip here and my family’s trip really worthwhile to meet the children.