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Capital city of Chhatisgarh, Raipur is also the largest city in the state. With a growing number of malls, parks and temples, Raipur has also seen an increase in its population. Increasing population is accompanied by urban poverty in one way or the other. Despite its rich mineral resources and big industries, such as steel, aluminium and cement, poverty still remains a curse for millions, affecting adults and children alike. As a result, many children are left alone and many on the verge of being parentless.

NGO in Raipur

SOS Children’s Village was founded in Raipur in July 2005 and started its activities in the year 2007. There are 128 children at the Village residing with 14 mothers and three aunts in the village, who take care of, and provide a loving family to the children under SOS Family Based Care programme. Children live in families with a mother, siblings and sometimes also an SOS Aunt. SOS India focuses on giving these children a complete family with love and care.

All important festivals of national and international relevance are celebrated in the village with enthusiasm and joy. Workshops and seminars are also conducted in the village to educate children about global education, and recent technology. Special training sessions are held at the SOS Village, where children are engaged in various activities that bring out their best of skills and help them realize their maximum potential.


At the age of 14, our youth boys are shifted to the Youth House where they continue their progress. At present, there are a total number of 89 boys at our facilities. Events like quiz competitions, antakshari, rangoli competition, volley ball etc. are organised at regular intervals to boost confidence and help in the all round personality development of the youth. In addition to this, the youth house at Raipur has also seen a significant academic improvement so far and indicates at an equally bright year ahead.

Although boys do not stay with their family, their mothers can visit them on weekends and youth also visit their homes on important festivals and celebrations. The bond that SOS Mothers share with the children cannot be defined by distance or age.


Our aim through the Family Strengthening Programme is to help families become self sustainable and come out of the vicious circle of poverty. Besides financial aid, SOS India also provides people with a number of trainings to help them get back on their feet with proper channelization of their skills. At present, there are a total number of 550 beneficiaries under the FSP in Raipur.

Workshops like career counselling, health check-ups, nutritional care and habits are also regularly organized to help the community live a better life and be self-sufficient. We have developed a good relation between the FSP children and community by conducting recreational activities jointly with the SOS Raipur Village Children.
We also help our beneficiaries to reap the benefits of Government schemes available in the state.

(A) Vocational Training Centre
In SOS Vocational Training Centres, children get computer training, electrical, automobile and similar skill based training that helps them in future. These vocational training centres focus on imparting skills in the youth that will help them in finding a suitable job and being able to support their family in the future.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village is 14.6 km away from the Raipur Railway Station.
  2. It is at a distance of 4.5 km from the Swami Vivekanand Aiport.

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