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Visakhapatnam is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The population in the city has seen a rapid increase over the years. The main occupations of people living in the area include activities related to fishing and agriculture. However, the place is also known for its industry, IT and financial services.

Even though Visakhapatnam has seen growth and development economically, its infrastructure does not match with the progress; it has not expanded. On the other hand, migration of people who come to the city in search of better opportunities and livelihood has increased. This results in Urban Poverty. A large chunk of people do not have access to sound living conditions and are found to be suffering the most.


In the year 1995 a devastating cyclone hit Visakhapatnam and caused massive losses. The Children’s Village at Vishakapatnam was established in the year 1997 and constructed adjacent to the Bay of Bengal.

At SOS India, all children are welcomed in the family home and are placed under the loving care of an SOS Mother; existing children in the family home then become brothers and sisters of new children. All necessary efforts are made by village co-workers and family members to help children adjust to their new environment. Emotional, physical and all developmental needs of children are catered to in the children’s village under the Family Based Programme. We work towards the holistic development of children in order to help them become self- reliant and contributing, responsible members of society.


At present, we have 128 children under our care at our facility in Visakhapatnam. While some of our children are still studying in schools, the rest are enrolled in colleges and are pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. Our youth are always driven to do well in life. Not only are they motivated to excel in academics, they are also encouraged to actively take part in co-curricular activities like taekwondo, painting, sports etc.

Various workshops and awareness programmes on child rights, gender inequality, importance of health and hygiene and many more are organized at regular intervals for our children at the village in order to keep them updated and aware.


The Family Strengthening Programme in Visakhapatnam was initiated in 2003. Our vision is to uplift vulnerable families belonging to the weaker sections of society, who needed support and external help to survive. SOS India not only provides financial backing to such families, we work towards their capacity building in order to make them capable, self-sufficient individuals. At present, FSP Visakhapatnam has under its care 401 beneficiaries.

Capacity building workshops are organized for beneficiaries under our care, where activities like cattle rearing, goat rearing and many more like these are conducted. Exposure visits to nearby places are also organized by SOS India, where families are taken to visit poultry farms and fodder manufacturing units.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village is 30.5 km away from the Visakhapatnam Railway Station.
  2. It is at a distance of 37.2 km from the Visakhapatnam international Airport.

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