We enable specially-abled children without parental care to live a normal life, through a uniquely designed Children’s Village (CV), at Khajuri Kalan, which is equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Children and youth with disabilities live and grow in a loving home that is watched over by trained Mothers and support staff, ensuring personalised care and training for each child. Imparting care, vocational skills, exposure to creative fields and sports help bring out the best in the children

  • 115 children, with special needs, are nurtured as part of the programme
  • 14 Mothers and 12 Aunts have been empowered with capacity building trainings

Journeys of Change

Settled Youth, Family Like Care

Shanti and her sister were welcomed to the SOS India family when she was three years old. Both the sisters were diagnosed with learning disabilities and subsequently moved to the Children’s Village in Khajuri Kalan, so that their needs are supported better by specialists.

Initially, Shanti struggled with the local language, but gradually took to speed and formed bonds with other children in the Family. After Shanti started feeling at home, she was enrolled in special needs’ education centre, where she began to learn and explore new things at a pace she was comfortable with.

At the Children’s Village, the educators and the sports coach encouraged Shanti to try her hand at sports. It took a lot of effort and to motivate her, but she eventually fell in love with cycling and decided to pursue it as a professional sport.

Shanti attended a few sports training camps which turned out to be a turning point for her; here, she met children from other states, slowly formed friendships and learnt social skills further.

Shanti soon started tasting success in cycling, securing top positions in races. Her persistence and commitment to the sport ensured that she was selected for the National Cycling Championships. Her proudest moment came in 2019, when she was selected to represent India at the Special Summer Olympics held in Dubai.