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Strengthening families and communities so they can adequately care for their children

To prevent children from losing parental care and being abandoned we support families from poor and vulnerable cross-sections including widows, single women or below poverty line (BPL) families so that they can adequately care for their children. This not only strengthens the families but also creates a vibrant network within the community that has a wide-reaching and long-lasting impact.

Our Family Strengthening Programme helps us to keep the biological families together and touches the lives of nearly 20000 children across 32 locations.

Your donation will ensure that No child is at the risk of losing parental care and every child has a right to be nurtured so that they may reach their full potential to become self-reliant and responsible citizens.

Donate NOW to empower these economically backward and at-risk families become independent, and prevent child abandonment.

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Case Study

Hassan Dawood (Pursar, Bhuj)

Hassan an 18-year-old beneficiary of our Community Development Programme in Bhuj currently works as a full-time employee with Hero Motors. He earns a sizeable amount of monthly salary and is able to meet the needs of his family.

Few years ago, things were not rosy for Hassan and his family, their situation was completely the opposite of their present socio-economic condition. At the age of 15, due to failing economic situation of his parents Hassan had to quit school. To fulfil the basic needs of his family, he started working as a daily wage laborer at a construction site. Things changed for Hassan completely as he could not do anything for himself and his family.

Soon when SOS India’s field team identified this family of five and signed them for our pioneering Family Strengthening Programme, he once again started thinking of building a bright future for himself.

FSP has financial inclusion for the family and Vocational Training for young people as a key element. And upon advice from our career counsellor and bursary support from SOS India, Hassan finished a certified Vocational Training course in Two-Wheeler repair at the local ITI and passed with flying colors.

With the combined efforts of Hassan and SOS India, he managed to get his first job at Hero Moto Corps dealership in Bhuj. He is working very hard at his job and according to his line manager, “Hassan is god sent as within a very short time of his training he has become the best technician we ever had”. SOS India wishes Hassan all the best for his coming future endeavors.

Case Study - Hassan Dawood