June Round Up

In the month of June, an important day known as the “SOS Day”, the 100th birth anniversary of our founder, Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, was celebrated by the children and staff of SOS Children’s Villages of India. Apart from this, the Fifth International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Supporting our ‘No Child Alone’ campaign and celebrating the World Environment Day theme #BeatAirPollution, various events were organized in different villages across India to encourage people to take notice of the alarming air pollution levels. 

Check out the major events of June and do not forget to watch our SOS Day video to catch up with all the fun activities initiated by our children.

1. Mensuration is no more a TABOO

Menstruation is no longer shameful and we need to break all taboos related to it. The society should not limit women to it but applause and boost their capabilities and confidence.

The World Menstruation Hygiene Day was celebrated by our children from SOS Children’s Village Greenfields and renowned photographer Niraj Gera by attending the exhibition “Sacred Stains” to highlight the issues related to menstruation.

The event was also attended by Lakshmi Agarwal – the brave acid attack survivor supporting the mothers and cause.

2. Celebrating World Environment Day by Promoting Cycling by our Children

On June 5th, 2019 – celebrating the World Environment Day theme #BeatAirPollution and supporting our No Child Alone campaign, SOS Children’s Village Kochi organized a cycling event in association with the Kochi cycling club.

The event was attended by children and staff members of the Village and students from different colleges. The main purpose of the event was to encourage human beings to take notice of the alarming air pollution level and find a remedy that will help in bringing it down.

Team Bhuj also celebrated Environmental Day in partnership with Parle G and Gujarat Pollution Control Board in Reha village. The event included various environment friendly activities such as tree plantation. Our children also encouraged people at the event for pledge signing and garnering missed calls.

3. Lt. Governor Dr. Kiran Bedi Pledges to support our #nochildalone campaign

Early Yoga Day celebrations began on June 15th, 2019, where 75 SOS children along with a team of Village Director, Co-workers and SOS mothers went to Raj Nivas (governor’s house). Amidst the celebrations, the Lt. Governor of Puducherry Dr. Kiran Bedi extended her support to our #NoChildAlone campaign by signing the pledge form.

Dr. Bedi also shared information about our campaign with other officials present at the event (over 200 people) and insisted they support the campaign.

The entire event of Yoga Day celebration was covered by Times of India. Meanwhile, Dr. Bedi showed us immense love and support by tweeting about the event and SOS Children’s Villages of India.

4. Fifth International Yoga Day celebrations at SOS Children’s Villages

June 21st, 2019 – The fifth International Yoga Day celebration started with great enthusiasm and zeal at SOS, Faridabad around 6:30 am.

With our guests – Mr. H.S Malik, Chairman of Faridabad Model School and Mr. Arora, member of Yoga Centre. SOS Children and SOS mothers practised different yoga asanas. Our children also gave speech on the importance of yoga.

The guest, Mr. Arora then provided adequate information about benefits of yoga and applauded all the children for putting out a wonderful performance.

5. Our Children Celebrating 100th Birthday of their Dadaji. 

Witnessing the plight of children suffering from the after effects of World War II, our founding father, Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, laid the foundation of SOS Children’s Villages. Every year, his birth anniversary is celebrated as ‘SOS Day’ in all SOS Children’s Villages.

This year, a special ‘SOS Day’ celebration was held at all SOS Children’s Villages of India, to mark the 100th birth Anniversary of its founder, Dr. Hermann Gmeiner. Our children celebrated the day with much higher happiness and enthusiasm.

Our children from SOS Children’s Village Greenfields, along with renowned artist Neeraj Mittra, created an artistic masterpiece, a portrait of our founding father with their brush strokes.

Our children also presented a cultural performance displaying their talents in different fields. Here’s a glimpse of all the happenings of ‘SOS Day’ 2019!

SOS Children’s Villages of India launched the #NoChildAlone campaign in May 2019. The campaign is a call to acknowledge the plight of 2 Crore children without adequate parental care in India and evoke response to ensure that over 26,000 children under the care of SOS India will never be alone again. Ever since its launch the campaign has received overwhelming support from people across India. Over 7,000 people have supported the campaign by signing the pledge and giving a missed call. Moreover, to create awareness about the campaign, over 60 events have been conducted so far across the country. Several eminent personalities including Dr. Kiran Bedi, Actor Mohanlal and ministers in state governments have extended their support to the campaign.