Why You Must Donate to The Cause of Children’s Education

One of the greatest gifts that any human being could possibly receive is the gift of knowledge and enlightenment, and that is precisely what education does. Not only does education ignite the spark within a raw mind, but it also enables one to be a productive member of society and the economy alike. Due to the lack of access to education, however, a large section of the Indian population remains deprived of education, which is why donations for children’s education are incredibly important.

Reasons to Donate for Children’s Education

If you are looking for a cause to support, then you could not choose better than education sponsorship. Not only is this cause more than worthy of your attention and assistance, but it is a cause in dire need of funding and support. According to the World Bank’s Global Director for Education, Mr. Jaime Saavedra, as recently as April 2022, the learning poverty in the country, that is, the lack of access to minimal reading proficiency, has risen from 54% to 70% in the face of the global pandemic.

Furthermore, there has been a marked increase in school dropout statistics as well as the number of children who should be in school but do not have access to education. The worst affected have been the children who live in the rural areas of the country. According to the Annual Status of Education Report, the percentage of children aged 6 to 14 years not enrolled in any school rose from 2.5% in 2018 to 4.6% in 2021. One of the key issues is funding and infrastructure, which is why you must consider donating for education in India.

The present status of access to education for the children of our country is nothing short of alarming. The pandemic has exacerbated the challenges by leaving a significant number of children without the care and support of a parent. You can play your part in helping those children by sponsoring a child in India at one of the country’s most trusted NGOs, the SOS Children’s Villages of India.

By making an education donation of just ₹28,200, you can bring the light of education to a child’s life for an entire year. By directing a small proportion of your earnings towards the cause of education sponsorship, you can change the entire course of someone’s life. An educated child is much better placed than an uneducated one to find employment and make the most of their potential.

Not only is a donation for children’s education a noble choice, but it is also a substantial contribution to nation-building and the larger cause of humanity. And you can get tax deductions if you donate for child education in India. The deductions are available under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Educational donations are, thus, encouraged by the law of the land as well.

Act Now and Help Change a Child’s Future

Do not hesitate, and do not procrastinate! Visit our www.soschildrensvillages.in now and do your bit to help bridge the gap between a child and their education.