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Donate & Save Tax

Investment for tax exemption is crucial for almost every individual, which why the end of the financial year is especially vital for investments pertaining to tax saving. One section of the Income Tax Act, section 80, lists various tax saving possibilities. SOS Children’s Villages of India is registered under section 80G of the Income Tax […]

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Creativity in pedagogy facilitates an enhanced learning experience

There is a common expectation that the educational structure should empowerlearners with skills and competences to mitigate challenges that life serves: this includes skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative skills, digital literacy, innovation, and adaptability, among others. These skills can be achieved more quickly and efficiently if we try to redesign the traditional […]

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Giving, Philosophy of

Charitable giving is considered to be an act of altruism in human societies across the world. This is not just a phenomenon of today; the history of giving goes back to 2500 BCE when the Hebrews used a mandatory tax or ‘tithe’ (literally translated as one-tenth of one’s earnings), to help the poor. A lot […]

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