Dance is what we breathe and this is why we live today.

At SOS India, we learned language is no barrier to express one’s emotions. Dance is our way of expression.“We were always crying, on the outside porch waiting for our grandmother to come to take us back. But, she never came. We thank our SOS mother and our siblings who helped us in transforming our lives. 

Three and a half years old, Tamil speaking twins came to SOS Children‘s Village of India, our Bangalore village. They were mostly found sitting on the porch outside crying and waiting for their grandmother to take them back.

Counseling was not enough to help them adjust due to language constraint. This continued for 8 months and became a matter of concern for their SOS mother and other members of the village.

Lets’ Hear their story in their own words- “Our defining moment”

“We were always crying, we hated going out of the house. Most of the days, we both would sit and cry on the outside porch waiting for our grandmother to come to take us back. Counselling was also difficult as we did not understand kannada.

To divert our minds and make us a bit more comfortable with the village, our new SOS mother and family our teacher enrolled us in dancing. After that day we stopped crying, and we would eagerly wait for our dance class, our relationship with mother and siblings became better. We found a new way to channelise all our pent-up emotions, emotions that we at that tender age couldn’t recognize. Dance helped us express our emotions and communicate with others.

We have a very fond memories of Lokesh uncle. He has played a pivotal role in helping us make the right career choices, and also taught us very important life skills.

Since, we were academically good his guidance helped us make the right career of being science engineers. Each and every member of the SOS family played a very important role in our lives and we thank them all.”

Their achievements:-

Trained as professional Bharatanatyam dancers and disciples of legendary gurus Bhanumathi, Sheela Chandrasekhar and Devaki Narasimhan, Archana & Chetna hold number one position in the category of young budding dancers. They have started their own dance academy (Nrithyartanan School of dance) at Bannerghatta road Bangalore and teach other children of SOS.

Archana and Chetna are also cultural ambassadors of India, nominated by ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations).

They have also participated in Shankar Acharya Bharatanatyam, a reality show and are in the top 10 in the country.

Your precious contribution has helped us to transform the lives of many children like Archana & Chetna and we are yet to discover many more such talented children. They have made their sponsors proud. Sponsor a child now and help a child accomplish his/ her goal.