Create a Better World for Children By Collaborating With One of The Best NGOs in India

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.”

Nelson Mandela

We are all born equal: equally ignorant and equally open to learning. It is only through education that we can understand our strengths and weaknesses, and hope to realise our potential. The above quote by Nelson Mandela reaffirms the critical role that education plays in the enlightenment of an individual and, in turn, an entire nation. You can contribute to children’s education in India by donating to a child education NGO.

Universal Access to Education is Still a Challenge

As important as education is, it is not accessible to everyone, particularly in our country. In the year 2014, more than 6 million children in India were out of school, a number that has grown by leaps and bounds owing to the economic instability generated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Several NGOs in India are engaged in the task of improving access to education for children, particularly underprivileged children.

At SOS Children’s Villages of India, we have been dedicated to the task of providing care to children in need. As one of the leading charity organizations in India over the past 56 years, we have tried to uphold the rights of children and bridge the resource gap rampant in the country.

From a human rights perspective, the lack of access to education for all children in India is alarming, but it also poses a serious threat to the growth and safety of society as a whole. It is, therefore, imperative that all of us come together to support the cause of children’s education. And the easiest way to get started is to donate to one of the best NGOs for children.

Donate to a Child Education NGO

Even the smallest of donations from you can help us provide care and support for a child. If you wish to sponsor a child’s education for a year, all you have to do is visit our official website and make an online donation in India for ₹28,200. Not only can such a donation bring about a drastic transformation in a child’s life, but you can also claim a tax exemption to the tune of 50% against said donation (under Section 80 G(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961).

It is no secret that a lack of education is a major cause of unemployment and a majority of social evils. Educating a child is the simplest way of empowering them and offering them an opportunity to find meaningful employment and, in turn, contribute to the growth of society and the economy. As an NGO in India, we understand the urgency of this task and we implore you to add one drop to the vast ocean of the cause of children’s education in the country.

Head over to our official website now and make an online donation to support children’s education and care. It is a cause that deserves your attention and support!