How To Prepare Your Child Against Child Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse refers to using a child for sexual stimulation by an adult. From schools, parks, medical centers to even their own house, child abuse can occur anywhere and everywhere. When a child is forced or is involved to involuntarily take part in a sexual activity by a developmentally superior person, it is an abuse.According to UNICEF, one out of 10 girls in India is forced to perform sexual acts at least once in their lifetime. Not only are girls dragged into acts of sexual violence, boys too are equal victims to the same. However, there are ways by which you can prepare your children to be ready when such situations come. Read below to know more:

1. Educate your child about sexual abuse: for a child to stand up against something, it is very important for him/her to first know what’s right and wrong. Educate your child about sexual abuse and the forms in which it can take place. It is always necessary for a parent or an elder sibling to talk to a child and make him/her aware of what goes around in his surroundings.

2. Talk about body parts at an early stage: imparting knowledge about one’s body parts is a vital part of growing up. The sooner it’s done, the better it is. Make your child learn about names of body parts and also about its privacy. It is important for a child to be aware of his body and that it’s sacred. Once a child has this knowledge, it becomes easier for him/her to report wrong incidents to their parents easily.

3. Be your child’s confidante: despite of scaring away your child with anger, be the friend he/she needs. Let your little ones know that you got their back and that you would always be there beside them. Once you take them into confidence, they will naturally come and share things. Talk to your child on a regular basis about how their day was. If you suspect something, take action. Be the anchor the child needs in his/her good and bad times.

4. Empower your child to say ‘NO’: it is important for a child to understand the power of saying ‘no’. Impart wisdom to help him/her take right decisions in life. Let your children know about the strength that they have inside and how by being courageous they can overcome even the biggest of challenges. Teach your children to never trust strangers and to not converse with them unnecessarily or without adult supervision.