Have a heart, give Beena a new start!

Beena Vinod, a resident of the Madhavpuram Cluster, Aluva, was enrolled in our Family Strengthening Programme in May 2018. Belonging to a lower socio-economic background, she lives with her husband, mother and two children.

Beena’s husband suffers from alcoholism and has been unable to provide neither financial, nor any emotional support to his family ever since. By profession, he is a porter. Even though he manages to make some money out of his job, he hardly succeeds in utilising his earnings productively and ends up splurging it on alcohol.

While the journey of coping with her husband has been stressful for poor Beena, this was surely not the only problem in her life. Beena’s mother suffers from Cancer and she herself has been suffering from a heart condition for many years. Vinayak, Beena’s four year old son, is physically disabled and bed ridden since the time she can remember. The burden of disease in Beena’s family has not only left the family impoverished but heart broken and hopeless.

Every day is a battle in Beena’s life.. a battle to keep going and have faith! But this time, the family has surrendered to their misfortunes.  The floods in Kerala have not only destroyed their rickety house but their one and only support system.

Today, the four year old bed ridden boy has no place to sleep! Bereft of their shelter, the family members now do not have access to essential medicines, which can even result in being fatal, given their conditions. Due to not being able to receive treatment for Cancer, Beena’s mother has recently started experiencing excruciating pain and discomfort. The family has now been moved out of the relief camp, but still there is no provision for cooking in the affected areas.

Our FSP team in the south has been working tirelessly to provide the flood victims with relief material including food supplies, clothing materials and medicines. But, the road to recovery for Kerala is long! We need your support to continue our efforts in bringing back the affected families back to normalcy.