From Disabilities to Possibilities

Amidst our daily rush and coping up with hectic schedules, we often miss out on the little joys that help us get through the stressful lives we lead. Whereas on one hand we complain about how our jobs take up all our time, on the other hand, there exists a whole cross section of people who wish they had something to put their energies into. People who fall in the latter category are deprived of opportunities. These are people with disabilities; both mental and physical.

SOS India works towards providing once parentless or abandoned children with a family to call its own and a loving environment to grow up in. It functions in 32 villages across India, where children live in Family Homes with a mother, brothers and sisters. Among the many Children’s Villages we have, there is one home that stands out from the others. It is our Village in Khajuri Kalan.

Service & Care

SOS Children’s Village Khajuri Kalan is home to children with disabilities. It was established in 2004 and has since then been the support system of many such children. Children with varied degrees of disabilities; both mental and physical are brought home to our village. The primary requirement of these children is to be in normal surroundings with other children to help them integrate with the mainstream of life. Their nurturing entails focused effort and support to help them realize their highest potential and capability.

SOS India does everything possible to protect the rights and privileges of these physically and developmentally challenged children. At SOS Khajuri Kalan, long term care and rehabilitation services are rendered to all children. Special training and coaching is provided to those who exemplify great potential in various fields. In addition, extra measures are also taken to help children overcome their fears and traumas with the help of counselling and other interactive sessions.

The village consists of a Medical Centre which is also regarded as a Special School for disabled children, where children are trained in activities for daily learning skills. The staff at this center comprises of all professionals, who have the required expertise to deal with children having special needs.



The village is exceptionally built keeping in mind the requirements of the children. Nowhere in the premises of the village can one find stairs or steps. There are slopes everywhere, so that it is easy for wheelchairs and ambulances to access in the village. All bathrooms in the village are specially structured with hand rails for children with walking aid. Convenient and low levelled platforms are constructed in all kitchens of the Family Homes, where children need not struggle adjusting to sitting in a chair and can rather enjoy their meal in their own wheelchairs. All rooms in the Family Homes have high roofs to keep them cool.


Children in SOS Khajuri Kalan are very talented; especially in sports. Our children represented India and participated in the Special Olympics held in Los Angeles in 2015. In 2017, four of our children participated in the World Winter Games held in Austria and brought laurels for our country. All it takes is the right and focused exposure, training and environment with proper equipment for these children to give their best.

Children are all the same. Just like a normal child, a special child also deserves to grow up in an environment filled with love, affection and care. SOS India is privileged to take care of these innocent, differently abled children. Lend a helping hand today. Your love is all they demand!