International Day of Happiness: Finding Joy Within

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

March 20th is celebrated as the International Day of Happiness across the world. Despite each one of us having a different definition of happiness, this day demands nothing but to be joyful.  Giving you a gentle reminder of how you’ve been too caught up with your hectic routines, it hints upon relieving all your stress, even if it’s just for a day.

Now that you know what this day is all about, how about we together think of ways by which we can celebrate this day to the fullest?

1. Gratitude Giving: Have you ever thanked your mother for all that she does for you than giving her a hard time about mistakenly ruining your favorite jeans? If not, today’s the day. Tell her how much her love and care help you get through the toughest of times. Let her know how you feel proud of her for juggling between work and household chores every day, making sure that you feel all right.

2. Be a Forgiving Friend: While we know you feel bad about having your friend cancel the movie plan at the last moment, but it’s ok. We can understand! Let bygones be bygones & be the bigger person!  Tell your friend that it’s ok and that you forgive him/her.

3. Lend a Helping Hand: Offer help to someone without waiting for them to ask for it. From helping a blind man cross the street to lifting groceries for an aged woman, let others know you care.

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Practicing humanity is easy if one only remembers to do so!

4. Healthy Happiness: Treat yourself with wholesome meals. Indulge in Yoga, go out for a long walk by yourself and sweat with the happiness of that long due badminton match with your little champion. The day is all yours!

5. Fuel up your Exploring Engines: Pack your bag, grab your camera and step out of the house! Meet new people, visit unexplored eateries and enjoy your heart out. Paint the world red!

6. Hobby Halt: Dedicate time to indulge in your long forgotten hobby. Get that painting kit out or dance till you drop, your hobbies miss you! Forget all while doing the one thing that fills your heart with happiness. You owe it to them, after all!
With the above set of ways to celebrate the day of happiness, you’re all now set for the day!

Wishing everyone the happiest International Day of Happiness!