Being an Ambassador of Change simplified

Our childhood is a phase of life that is, usually, reminiscent of fond memories. We love to recall those carefree days, when we woke up to an idealistic world, where responsibilities and worries were not words to be found in our dictionaries. Then life happens, and things change. For the less fortunate, this happens at the very onset of life, and childhood remains just a dream.

If we look around us, we see individuals leading such different lives – some privileged and some struggling to make ends meet.  Survival is a tough word to comprehend and address, be it at any stage of life, but more so when children are subjected to the same – living day in and day out, with the thought of securing basics like food, clothing, and safety. Health, nutrition, education, love, care, rights and such remain a dream.

It is a known fact that the pandemic widened existing social fissures disrupting lives and lifestyles unfathomably. Individuals and organisations pooled-in their resources to help where they could. The struggle for essentials still continues though. Empowerment of caregivers, however, remains an important pillar in empowering children. NGOs working on securing sustainable and productive livelihoods in India can vouch for the fact that ensuring capacity building, skilling/re-skilling/upskilling and securing productive and sustainable employment are crucial to uphold the family unit in a crisis like the pandemic.

Many of us have and continue to serve as Ambassadors of Change in whatever way we can. However, many of us, who may be beginning to embark on this journey, may have the question: “How to help the underprivileged, the underserved?” So, the answer is pretty simple: “Just make a beginning!” Whether it pertains to education for the underprivileged, serving the cause of animals, rural women empowerment or women empowerment in general, environment awareness and preservation, fighting hunger, addressing the challenges that senior citizens face or any other social challenge that needs urgent addressing.

The idea is to just get started. Every drop in the ocean matters, as they say, and rightfully so. You may choose to make a beginning with someone you know in need of help. Helping can begin anywhere, anytime. All that is needed: intention and resources.