To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The country that we live in is not only culturally diverse but also paints an economically diverse picture, a picture where the gap between the poor and the rich increases more by the day. In order to decrease this gap, it is first vital for all of us to realise and sense the helplessness of many people around us.

Breaking the chained circles of poverty and vulnerability is not a one day task. To move towards change and sustainability, constant efforts within well set programmes are required. To make impact in a country where the economy is rapidly growing, a single thought to donate or help would not make a difference but a well thought plan will. Once this becomes one of our priorities, only then would we be able to see the tables turn around.

What is Daan Utsav (The Joy of Giving Week)?

Daan Utsav, also known as The Joy of Giving Week is a week-long celebration that commences on Gandhi Jayanti i.e. October 2 and ends on October 8. It aims at engaging people in various “acts of giving”- time, money, skills and resources. Besides covering sectors that include schools, NGO and government sectors, colleges and corporate institutions, Daan Utsav also encourages participation of common people from everywhere. The week is observed and supported many; it is backed up the participation of corporates to fulfil their CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) function.

The Daan Utsav celebrations take place between October 2 to October 8, where people from all walks of life are encouraged to appreciate the art of giving.

Why should you be a part of Daan Utsav?
The joy of getting is short lived but the joy of giving lasts forever.

Expanding our horizons beyond the disquiet earthly desires calls out for filling our hearts with joy and nourishment for soul. We know how happy we feel when we receive gifts on our birthday or when our parents treat us to appreciate for working hard or for something good we do. Such joys do not last long and only make us feel good for a short while. On the other hand, when we make others happy, the sense of satisfaction felt within can only be described to be beyond all materialistic rewards. This is what we look for all our lives and even after having the key to pure happiness, we make very little efforts to try it on the correct lock.

Contribution of SOS Children’s Villages of India

At SOS Children’s Villages of India, we believe in giving abandoned and parentless children the gift of a family.

SOS India looks after children within a well-protected environment, where a loving SOS Mother caters to all physical and emotional needs of children under our Family Based Care programme. We give children the opportunity to become educated, capable and contributing members of society by enrolling them into formal educational institutions, where they receive quality education.

Under the Family Strengthening Programme of SOS India, we give vulnerable and poor cross sections of the society like single women, children of widows or below poverty line families the chance to break the vicious circle of poverty and rise to self-sufficiency; this is done through capacity building of care givers.

Celebrate Daan Utsav 2017 with SOS India

To celebrate Daan Utsav 2017 with SOS India, you can support in the following ways:


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Click here to donate:
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Click here to donate:
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