A loving home for every child

It is a blend of many things; the conviction in Sarfaraz’s voice as he sings a qawwali, the grace in Sheetal’s moves as she dances around, the determination on Sunny’s face as he solves math problems and the innocence in Salman’s laughter as he strikes the pile of stones in a Pitthoo game. Children at SOS Children’s Villages are living and learning together and this inclusive ambience nurtures them immensely to emerge triumphant in any field they tap into.

The lack of such an environment, however, stems depression, abuse, lack of emotional resilience and an improper transition from childhood to adulthood. It hinders children from becoming leaders in their community. For children to shine, it is essential to provide them with an atmosphere where they can readily accept and respect one another, whilst also hold a strong sense of self. When children are relieved from the clutches of neglect and vulnerability, the probability for them to blossom into smart, confident and trusting adults multiplies. Family is the greatest and most valuable asset for children. The presence of a family envelops children in a safe, supportive environment – conducive for their physical and psychological well-being. It not only makes room for love and compassion but also for hope; one, that pushes children to dream big and work hard towards achieving them!

When children will no longer live alone, a major impediment to the nation’s building will resolve. Although our country dances with a plethora of opportunities to improve, it also shares a major chunk of lonesome children in desperate need of care and affection. SOS India is not only bringing in companionship and compassion into the world, but it is also pursuing the path of progression and sustainable development.

As the popular African proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”.

It is of paramount importance that children get everything they are lawfully entitled to. With a family being the major catalyst in nurturing children, living in a community with great value systems can raise gems that will contribute to the society in a magnanimous and pragmatic approach. With synergy and more manners of cooperation, we can achieve the goal of not letting any child grow up alone.