Celebrating ties of Loyalty, Truth and Honour

Loyalty, Truth & Honour— the three pillars on which St. Mark’s School stands tall!

“While some bonds are formed for a short while, others last a lifetime in the most unexpected ways.”- Anonymous

Under the canopy of its motto, St. Mark’s School has been educating children and imparting in them values to last a lifetime. Situated in Meera Bagh and Janakpuri in New Delhi, the school has three branches:


A prominent educational institution, St. Mark’s School is not only shaping the lives of children in their schools but also extending support to many less fortunate ones. An invaluable partner to SOS Children’s Villages of India since 2007, it has greatly contributed towards transforming the lives of many parentless and abandoned children under the care of SOS India. Going strong for over 10 years now, St. Mark’s School has shown commendable commitment to rendering support to SOS India and this would not have been possible without the efforts of a single individual Ms. Anjali Aggarwal, the founder Principal of St. Mark’s School.

With over 30 years of experience as an educator, Ms. Aggarwal has played a significant and prominent part in nurturing this partnership. Practicing compassion for all living beings in her personal life, she motivates students and young people in the schools and in her environment to realise their social responsibilities fully. She fosters the spirit of peace and harmony in her students, helping them become capable and responsible global citizens. She has been recognized and awarded time and again for her vision and outstanding work as an educationist.


Her constant, untiring efforts have led St. Mark’s School to become a distinguished institution not only in Delhi but also at the international level.  Over the years, she has led her schools, teachers and students to engage with the cause SOS India espouses and visit its projects in Delhi NCR.  She says, “Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. At St. Mark’s School Meera Bagh, I have observed that students benefit greatly, both academically and emotionally, from volunteering their time to make the community and world a better place. They develop the five very important real world skills- leadership, problem solving, collaboration with others, time management and communication. Most importantly, I have observed that the students develop higher self-esteem as they realize that their actions have a great impact on the world. As the Principal of my school, I encourage all my students to volunteer for community service and I believe, working with SOS Children’s Villages of India is one step towards the same.”

Besides being the motto of the school, Loyalty, Truth and Honour, also serves as the foundation on which the relationship between SOS India and St. Mark’s School has grown over the years. It has been a pleasure for SOS India to partner with this school, its socially committed and enthusiastic students and especially Ms. Anjali Aggarwal. We hope it only grows stronger in the years to come!