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All donations to SOS Children villages India are eligible for 50% tax exemption u/s 80G(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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What is #NoChildAlone Campaign?

#NoChildAlone Campaign by SOS Children’s Villages of India is a call to acknowledge the plight of 2 crore children without adequate parental care in India and evoke response to ensure that over 26,000 children under the care of SOS India will never be alone again.

Through this campaign, we urge you to connect with these children to ensure no child grows up alone.

Your one act of kindness can trigger a million smiles. Please do it today. Don’t leave them to face the world alone.

2 Crore children missing a childhood means

  • 2 crore missed birthday celebrations
  • 2 crore missed pride of report cards
  • 2 crore missed band-aids over scraped knees
  • 2 crore missed surprise gifts
  • 2 crore missed goodmorning kisses
  • 2 crore missed warm hugs on winter nights
  • 2 crore missed bedtime stories
  • 2 crore missed experience of childhood

Why Should You Donate?

  • SOS Children’s Villages of India is working for children who have lost parental care or who are at risk of losing it. We have pledged to protect children who have lost their parents and have no place to call home. These children are at a risk of being abused and neglected. Your small contribution will help us reach such children and transform their lives by building a bright future for them.
  • Your donation can bring hope to these abandoned children facing hunger, poverty, and injustice in their daily lives. Donors like you will help SOS Children’s Villages of India strengthen its efforts to provide the best facilities to parentless and abandoned children and help them build a future they deserve.
  • SOS Children’s Villages of India believes that every child has a right to grow up with a family. Your donation will help us provide these children with a family that cares for them, ensure they have proper healthcare, nutrition, and education.
  • Your donation will help us create a long – lasting impact on the lives of children who are at a risk of losing parental care . Through our Family Strengthening Programme, in slums and rural areas, we aim to build capacity of BPL (Below Poverty Line) families, widows, and single women to help them move out of the vicious cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient. This inturnensures all round development, including education, nutrition, health and psychological development, of children belonging to such families.

Your Donation Makes An Everlasting Impact


Come and join us to make the #NoChildAlone Campaign a success. Together, we can bring a change in the lives of many children in need. SUPPORT US NOW!!

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